Success Stories!

We love a success story!

Many graduates have taken advantage of the Financial Incentives we offer to increase their savings, increase their education, increase their earning potential, and purchase homes.  Many have also benefited from our Coaching and Credit services.  Here are a few of their stories...

Emilio Gonzalez was a student at a local barber academy and  working part-time during the day when he attended our financial classes in Fall 2017.

Our classes showed him that he could move spare money from his checking account into a savings account, which took Emilio to his first success of saving $300 and receiving the $150 savings incentive from us.

This further motivated Emilio.  When he heard about our $2,000 Savings for Assets program, he became fueled to save for his  tuition. 

Through hard work, focus, and determination, Emilio saved $1,862 toward his barber academy tuition, and the United Way matched every dollar!  In June 2018, Emilio passed the state exam to become a Licensed Restricted Barber and is now employed at an upscale barber shop in Lakeland.

Emilio, like many of our students, was inspired by our program, and says he shares everything he's learned with his family and friends.

Maria Meyers attended our financial classes at the end of her junior year of high school.  A few months later, we helped Maria write her first resume and the next day she landed her first job!

As a graduate of our classes, Maria will be eligible for our savings match incentive, job credentialing scholarships, and savings for asset grant for college tuition.

Learning and practicing sound financial principles at her young age will greatly help Maria avoid the financial pitfalls so many experience.  Well done, Maria! 

The Woods Family attended our financial stability classes in October, 2013.  For four years, they worked diligently to get their financial house in order.


In January 2018, the Woods were nominated for our $2,000 Savings for Asset Matching Grant with the objective of buying their first home.   The Woods used our credit restoration services, and by October 2018 had increased  their credit scores by an average of 84 points in order to be able to qualify for a mortgage. 

Also during 2018 they completed the required first-time Homebuyer's Education hosted by the Keystone Challenge  Fund.  Between January and December 2018 they saved $2,000, which we matched dollar-for-dollar. 


On December 11, 2018, the Woods closed on their brand new, 4-bedroom house!!  Congratulations to the Woods Family on their successful journey to financial stability!

Danisha Smith is passionate about being able to help the elderly, children, well, let’s just say everyone. She previously volunteered her services and felt it was one of the best choices ever.   She did some research, and found out about the requirements to become a Home Health Aide.

Danisha reached out to coach Jennifer about Financial Classes that would allow her to receive a scholarship to assist in paying for her Home Health Aid Certificate through a local healthcare institute. Danisha was highly proactive and worked hard to achieve her goal.  She completed the Financial Stability classes, and within two weeks was able to achieve the $300 emergency savings goal to qualify for the scholarship.

We assisted Danisha with a $300 scholarship to the healthcare institute, and she completed her Home Health Aid Certificate training on August 7, 2019.  As Danisha says, "Now I am on an adventure to continue to not only inspire others but encourage you to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s not for everyone but think about it this way! You’ll someday need that person, whether for your loved ones or yourself, with empathy, compassion, and patience to care for you too."  What an honor for us to be able to help this driven young woman achieve her goals!  Well done, Danisha!

Some Way-Cool Success Statistics:

In Fiscal Year 2020, 54 graduates increased their emergency savings accounts by at least $300.  As a result they each received a check for the $150 Savings Match Incentive from the Personal Finance Center of Polk County.

In Fiscal Year 2020, the Personal Finance Center of Polk County graduated 224 people from the Financial Stability classes! 

The Personal Finance Center of Polk County currently has eight people nominated for $2,000 Savings for Asset Matching Grants.  Five are saving for their first house, one is saving for education, and two are undecided but will be ready for whatever is needed - -- either a house, reliable transportation, education, or to start a small business - when they've saved their $2,000 .

In Fiscal Year 2018, the Personal Finance Center of Polk County presented $300 Job Credentialing Scholarships to seven people who graduated from a local healthcare institute.

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